Round Table Knights – Each Time

Published on Purple Sneakers:

Round Table Knights

ROUND TABLE KNIGHTS were well-known for their ability to fuse electro, jazz and hip-hop in the early days. In fact, they have also made it to number one of the Beatport charts. Yet, after their hearts were hooked by the sounds of House, the transition was effortless. ‘Each Time’ demonstrates their astounding ability to incorporate both classical and modern elements into one great release.

‘Each Time’ has a rich intro which is fused with classic elements like organ sounds and croaks. Combined with the old-school boo-boo sound it gives the track some antiquity. When the drumming bongo percussion has its own solo, listeners can be transported into a hut made of hay, and decorated with string lights. At one point, the bass has a deep punch and flutters at a slightly higher pitch. ‘Each Time’ is like a flickering candle light, essential to any relaxing atmosphere, and a perfect decoration to a night of friendly chatter over a wooden table.

‘Each Time’ is released as a part of the ‘5 Years Jackmode Compilation’.

Words by Angie Ngie.



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