Lumera – Lost Years

Published on Pumped Audio 08/05/13:

Lumera - Lost Years

Lumera – Lost Years: Beware of the dark magic this track holds. It will hypnotise!

Lumera is a progressive trance producer and DJ who has released tracks with CloudLand Music and Fuzion Four. This producer composes beautiful melodies while morphing Electro and Trance. ‘Lost Years’ is his first release for the Komplex Sounds (KSX) sub-label called Full Haus. Although this release is a House track, Lumera’s stylistic improvisations have managed to make this a moonlight sonata.

Elements of this track warp in and out like starlight glows. A water-dropping effect seems to have been synthesised and tuned for an organic touch. Surprisingly, there are chords which enter with assertiveness and power before the build-up. Then, the track winds itself into a swoop of chirping bass. Tweety will lose his charm as Sylvester tries to get his hands on the track instead.

One may become too absorbed in the pleasurable sensation this track produces to be aware of the passing of time. Perhaps the ‘Lost Years’ will be spent on looping this track, but all that time would be well spent anyway! Beware of the dark magic this track holds. It will hypnotise!

Exclusive Release Date on Trackitdown: 20.05.13

Global Release date: 03.06.13


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