Kukuzenko – Forgiveness

Published on Pumped Audio 01/05/13: http://www.pumpedaudio.com/reviews/kukuzenko-forgiveness/

Kukuzenko - Forgiveness

Kukuzenko has released his first Trance track titled ‘Forgiveness’ on Critical Fusion XPM – the Komplex Sounds (KSX) sub-label. This Ukranian producer was born in a family of musicians. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Music. That is impressive, and ‘Forgiveness’ definitely reflects Kukuzenko’s bright talent and passion for music.

‘Forgiveness’ has complex layers of vocal stutters and melodies that have been combined beautifully. Despite the combinations, the track does not sound cluttered at all. It has clearly been skillfully made with excellent expertise. Ringing and subtle swishes in the breakdown calm the mind and soul. This is followed by an amazing build-up which adds on unique sound layers as it goes. The technique makes the track fresh and unexpected, since many tracks rely on the general approach of increasing volume. Different grinding halts come in so quickly and briefly right before its peak, that within a split second, it can make spirits shoot up like a rocketship.

The track is set to be released exclusively on Trackitdown on the 7th May 2013. The global release date will be on 10th June 2013. There’s no need for phone reminders, because this track is already too shiny and unforgettable.


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