HSB – One More Time

Published on The Harder Mix 25/04/13:

HSB - One More Time

HSB has published a preview of their new release called ‘One More Time’. Let’s have a look at the gold and weigh its value!

After starting off with the reverse bass, ‘One More Time’ introduces a playful yet powerful trumpeting melody. Jump, shuffle, gabber…Those kicks can make people do whatever it takes to bring those legs up and dance! The reverse bass gets swapped back to its regular state, before a breakdown comes in with a muffled melody. The female vocals makes hairs stand throughout the whole track. Will both legs be up at this point? Indeed, it’ll feel as if they’re both off the ground. Bodies will float in mid-air!

Then, there’s a subtle, soft landing, which sounds distant yet profound. The gentleness of the vocals and the hard, pounding kicks, miraculously complement each other despite their differences. The humming sound in the final repetition of the chorus sounds like a bumble bee, flying to a constantly blooming sound.

It’s not hard to imagine what would happen if HSB play this live. When the crowd wants an encore, they’ll chant: “One more time”, just so they can get another dose of that uplifting sensation. This track deserves its title!


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