LANCELOT Remix of ‘Everything You Wanted’ by CLUBFEET : Free Download

Published on Purple Sneakers 18/04/2013:

LANCELOT Remix of ‘Everything You Wanted’ by CLUBFEET : Free Download

LANCELOT is a Sydney-based DJ who has dazzled crowds with his amazing compositions. His arrangements for House are infused and well-balanced with classical influences, which somehow act as a renewal of old roots. In his remix of CLUBFEET’s ‘Everything You Wanted’, LANCELOT demonstrates beautiful attention to detail.

The winding trickles of the introduction sound like the chattering teeth, but give the mind a fresh, woody, natural kick. Heartbeats may come to a thrilling, sudden stop whenever they hit. Ooh-eh-ooh vocals come with a seductive sigh in the end, which is a good way to bring in the sexy bass.

The varying synths cause all worries to hang in mid-air. Bodies will feel instantly lighter and start moving from side to side. The notes which come in after the breakdown give the track its own stunning, hypnotising stage lights. Finally, the track ends with subtle fuzz. This ending sound brings a thoughtful final touch to complement the introductive elements. To conclude, LANCELOT‘s remix adds a lot of electronic punch and colours when contrasted with the more instrumental original mix.

LANCELOT‘s lovely track has been generously offered as a free download. Add it to your collection of dreamy beats!


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