Van She – VS Minimix April 2013 (Original Review)

Extracts published on Purple Sneakers 17/04/2013:

Van She

VAN SHE is an electro pop band based in the wonderful city of Sydney. With tracks featured in the ARIA chart, the band has played with some big names such as DAFT PUNK and BLOC PARTY. Recently, the band released a VS Minimix April 2013.

This mix begins with MACHINEDRUM’s Breathing remix of ‘Let It’ featuring MELO-X. It goes from a deep ringing bass, before heading into softness, wish-washing its listeners to a liquid state. GROOVEBOX’s ‘Brooklyn’ has great tones as well. The muffled kicks and bass is an innovative stand-out. Err-wops in the background and the vocals add bouncy feelings. Anyone listening to this at the bar will start tapping their glasses as they hear it in the track.

PLAYMODE’s ‘Ultrasonic’ gives the track an old-school vibe. The really rapid suck-ins that comes with each kick sends an electrical surge through the blood stream in their delightful subtlety. The glittery feeling continues as VAN SHE moves to LOOKBACK’s remix of ‘Just Another Groove’. Lots of class, oohs, and bass, kick the woofer to the max.

The mix travels into a sea of youthful glory when VAN SHE’s remix of ‘Ich R U’ presents its show-stopping factors. Effects in this track are arranged in a way that gives the original a remarkable face lift. VAN SHE’s synth manipulation in OLIVER’s ‘MYB’ comes by smoothly to present brilliant energy and vigour. VAN SHE continues to thrill with fresh sounds in their remix of ‘Spank’, containing sharp, catchy beats that will make any crowd jump until the dance floor cracks. Snap!

The final part of the mix is more chilled and polished. WOLFGANG GARNER’s ‘Anaconda’ has a fizzling effect and a synth that will rock any boat and body. The build-up to the zippy sounds makes it the perfect track for a summer speedboat getaway. JUSTIN MARTIN’s ‘Ruff Stuff’ is also cheeky and sneaky as a wink or a nod. It has trippy melodies and chewy melodies, which stick to the mind like gum. DUKE DUMONT’s remix of ‘Falling’ highlights the original mix’s slightly tribal theme with its percussion. Yet, unlike wild sounds, this track is as peaceful as a campfire.

VAN SHE’s mini mix goes from good times at its peak, to chilling at the beach. It has variety of influences, both old and new, as well as some well-executed remixes. This mix takes the listener to a state of bliss, and definitely creates a lot of anticipation for the fans. What’s next?


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