Tuneboy feat. MC D – I’m Bulletproof

Published on The Harder Mix 10/04/13:

Tuneboy Feat. MC D - I'm Bulletproof

Italian DJ Tuneboy has been around in the Hardstyle scene for thirteen years – That’s a long time! He has performed with Technoboy quite often under the TNT alias. In 2008, he began performing in Q-Dance’s biggest festivals. More recently, he released two tracks in the Defqon.1 2012 compilation – TNT remix of Psyko Punkz’s ‘Left With The Wrong’, and the ever so touching yet catchy ‘Promise Me’ with Technoboy and Ellie.

MC D has lifted spirits of crowds at Masif’s club nights, as well as big festivals such as Defqon.1 and Bass Control. MC D has a few quirks in his style. For instance, some of you may notice he likes saying: “Hey (insert DJ name) here, I got a question for you!” You may also have seen some funny photos of him floating around. This MC has a really funny, easy-going character. Yet, on the wildest stages, he releases a powerful passion for the harder styles, which also brings out the darkness of brutal Hardcore and Hardstyle tracks as a complementary feature.

Tuneboy and MC D have combined their powers to deliver a track that has stayed on the top of the Trackitdown Top 100 Hardstyle chart for three weeks (writing this on 30/03/13), called ‘I’m Bulletproof’. That reverse bass brings back memories of when Hardstyle was raw as red meat, and fresh as clear springwater. No one can get enough of that snappy kick! The grinding bass in the build-up is so delicious. It can make people on the dance floor drool. The kick restores itself to the pure pow-wow-wows that will make speakers shiver.

This track serves as a reminder to us all: Hardstyle is not going to disappear. This track is a blast of the past, made in the future. It retells the legendary story of how it all started, in sounds that we can dance to today. Hardstyle is bulletproof!


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