The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Machines EP

Published on Pumped Audio 03/04/2013:

The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Machines EP

The Boy Who Cried Wolf is going to make people on the dance floor howl with his new ‘Machines’ EP, a first on Sonar Bliss Records. No, not the boy in the story we all know. This DJ stole the storybook title and claimed it as his own. Perhaps it reveals his desire to be the talk of the town!

‘Machines’ (Original Mix) starts off with quite a unique knock, which sounds like a click and a clock at the same time. It also has cow bell sounds. Everything sounds quirkier with cow bells! The bass comes in like bubbles. It’s a smooth, pleasant one, and not too watery or rushed. Feels like airy mint chocolate, melting in the mouth. The moment when the variation of the melody kicks in is when it starts to send people into a deep trance. Boo-shins! Who knows what the vocals are whispering? But hey, might make a good catch phrase!

More focus is placed on the drums and hi-hats in OTB’s Deep Remix. The claps that come in later sound like a way to warm the crowd up, and it’s definitely snap-worthy. The bass goes between two notes then introduce a flat or a sharp on its way down, before having some trickles and echoing phrases. This remix is a solid intermission which calls for a cold drink or two.

The Stereo Cartel remix comes in strong with the kicks and the bass right from the very beginning. That’s what’s called straight and true honesty at its best! Bass in the higher range comes in with drags, with a melody that guides the whole track in its wavy movement. That’s how a wolf gathers the herd! The vocals say simple doo-doo-doos, which adds to the catchiness of it all. The build-up is also a refreshing moment, which gives the bongos a chance to join in and shine.

Will The Boy Who Cried Wolf gain great popularity in the electronic dance music scene? Not much is known but this – ‘Machines’ is not a lie, and joyful cries will come from the crowd!


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