Goliath – ‘Unacceptable’ EP

A mysterious DJ has claimed the medieval name Goliath and presented a debut release called ‘Unacceptable’ on Dirty Workz’s sub-label Anarchy.

Goliath - Unacceptable EP

‘Unacceptable’ vocals have an element of emptiness. It retains only the high pitch of an old witch’s eerie warning, making it sound like twisted fairy tale. The kick has much clarity, with a pow punch that Hardstylers will all love. The build-up is completed with a unique, cheeky, muffled whoop. The wispy eeyores create anticipation, over and over again. It’s like listening to it with fresh ears every time.

The melodic screeches of ‘Scarcity’ are quite complex, resembling a strained scream as well as the scratch on the decks. The human touch is precisely what plucks the heartstrings. Demonic build-ups and tease rises and falls with excellent control. Its kick has an element of sharpness, subtle as thorns on a rose. It rustles like bushes as it vibrates along with the deep bass.

The witch’s whispers reappear in ‘Rockaby’, complemented or balanced out by the bass. Operatic sounds accompany the soft melody, which gives the track a cushion. The kick has more of a wow-sound to it and is well-rounded before it even reaches into the climax, where the roughness is revealed in its full form. Towards the end the loopy highs and lows of the melody just make the listener crave for more.

Watch out for this life-changing release! Its scratches will cut deep into the heart and soul. Excellent tracks are scarce, and this EP lives up to its name! Will it soon get its amazing title on charts?


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