Vazard and Delete – Exist EP

Published on The Harder Mix 28/03/2013:

Vazard and Delete - Exist EP

Vazard is a British born, Australian raised monster that got let out of the bedroom cage back in 2008. Two years was all it took for the man to create Spoontech Records. Delete was a Hardstyle DJ with an obsession for the sounds that make skulls nod vigorously. The young Vazard from Melbourne, and Delete from Newcastle, combined their talents in a Spoontech Records EP called ‘Exist’ in 2012.

The vocal samples in ‘Exist’ are compressed to the extent that they sound like whispers, even though it is being said with the normal tone of voice. This adds an element of eeriness that complements the darkness well. In the breakdown, the pitch of the kick gets lowered to a whirr that sounds like a very thick burn. After that, a multi-dimensional siren screeches, as a spacey echoing of the breathing, drags and drops of an unknown creature is heard. This track represents desperate souls that contemplate meaning in different ways, at different stages of life.

‘Let’s Get Weird’ begins with a creaky noise, with vocals of a clown’s jeer or taunt. The kicks come down very forcefully with the cracking melody. The melody soons fade off into a more twinkling melody to make way for chords of a much higher pitch. The vocal that orders the people to take off trousers sounds very much like the cockroach alien from Men In Black, and the little slave with a nasal voice sounds like a tricky jester. It sounds like they wreak havoc in this track, as the cockroach man’s deep fury is contrasted very pleasantly with a cheeky tune of the jester.

They always say two heads are better than one. In the context of a combination of Vazard and Delete, things can either become a sad reality or a virtual imagination, so let the soft yet burning kick take you to the emotional state of conflict! What a great duo!


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