Dillytek – Abandoned and Turn To Me

Published on The Harder Mix 28/03/2013:

Dillytek - Abandoned and Turn To Me

The duo known as the Dillytek have been hitting the Hardstyle scene since 2010. Under Dutch Master Works, the track ‘Abandoned’ was released on February. The track begins with an isolated kick, and adds additional elements as the track progresses. The lyrics may say ‘don’t want to be alone’, but boy, when the crowd starts bouncing to this, no one will feel alone! The more high-pitched beeps add a touch of sweetness. ‘Abandoned’, contrary to its title, is a very comforting track that Hardstylers will enjoy listening to over and over again!

‘Turn To Me’ has more of a drumming kick, with a bass that starts off deep or muffled, as it builds into clarity and introduces the vocals. It gets to a snappy reverse kick before it tinkles down into the vocals to let it echo. Interestingly enough, the melody transforms with additional chords. At this point, the kick no longer reverses as it weaves seamlessly. Switching to the reverse bass again keeps things fresh and wonderful. There should definitely be more tracks that play around with the concept of combining the usual and the mirrored, as boldly as the Dillytek DJs have in this release!


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