Kellerkind – Tristesse EP

Published on Pumped Audio 27/03/2013:

Kellerkind - Tristesse EP

Kellerkind means child from the basement, so does DJ Kellerkind means disc jockey child from the basement? It’s an intriguing name that might make those who hear it for the first time chuckle, but the name won’t be the only thing that leaves an impression. Just like it sounds, DJ Kellerkind has been producing since 2001, and during all these years, he has travelled between two distinct environments: Playing in major cities such as Zurich and Berlin, then producing in a little countryside hut. Similarly, Kellerkind’s ‘Tristesse EP’ contains two tracks that sound quite different: ‘Le Voyage’ and ‘Tristesse’.

‘Le Voyage’ starts off with a clap that hits with the beat of the drum and wooden sticks, followed by a witchy whisperer. This creates a very enticing introduction. It’s as if a gypsy is luring a bystander with her see-through sash of a purple-pink gradient. The bass starts off with long monotonous lengths, before shortening gradually as the violin-like sounds come in. After the silence, the bass jumps in with two tones, and the little feedback bleep in the end just gives that little click of energy. Wavy sounds add a flow to connect the bleeps, creating a smooth sense of continuity. The way the track switches from mysterious enchantment to subtle flirtation makes this an absolute charmer.

‘Tristesse’, on the other hand, keeps more preserved, instrumental sounds. The introduction used a fade-in effect which reveals the usual kick-drum gradually, but briefly. This is combined with an old-school, melodic bass. Little pieces of the saxophone and piano are scattered in the track, which could have been used more often throughout. Yet, it seems to sound like the mind is recollecting a distant, fuzzy memory of a past of slow jazz or rock. This could definitely appeal to the nostalgic group of music lovers.

There’s something interesting about the way Kellerkind assembles the little fragments of sounds in the Tristesse EP. Both tracks sound like water, yet they seem to be in the different states of liquid and gas. Either way, the tracks still preserve their instrumental features as well as the distinct, well-executed arrangement style of Kellerkind. Kellerkind’s new ‘Tristesse EP’ is nothing short of the result of continuous effort, and his gifted awareness of both surrounding and sound. Perk up those ears! The ‘Tristesse EP’ has been released on Hive Audio, and is now available on Beatport!


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