Double Dose of Future Entertainment (Part One) 2013

Published on Pumped Audio 14/03/13:

Future Music Festival 2013

Future Entertainment brought two festivals to Sydney this weekend (9-10 March 2013): Future Music Festival for the adults, and then, Good Life Festival for the teens. I was lucky enough to get a free ticket for Future Music Festival and a media pass for Good Life, which means I caught more of the international big shots and local heroes than anyone else! Grab onto your chairs, ladies and gentlemen, this review has been divided into two parts!

The gates for Future Music Festivals opened wide, and so began the walk from the outdoors to the tunnel. As the first handful of enthusiasts began to see the light at the end of the tunnel, they raced towards it. The excitement was contagious. The first few to walk into the light had their auspicious moment recorded on the cameras of the [V] crew. The High Street entry was decorated with Future Music Festival graphics, spray-painted onto black surface sheets.

With one melodious, echoing blow from a trumpet, the first on the line-up of the Future Music stage was Stafford Brothers and Timmy Trumpet. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike made everyone go crazy with their heavy, grinding bass lines. They played their Tomorrowland anthem as well as the new collaborations: ‘Madness’ with Lil Jon & Coone added refreshing Hardstyle vibes welcomed by the crowd, and there was the classic twist called ‘Phat Brahms’ with Steve Aoki.

The blonde, sexy, Aussie duo called Nervo were next to take the stage. Mim had her crazy up-do, and Liv was wearing a fancy bowler’s hat. Can’t get more stylish than that! Their songs were characterised by deep and heavy bass lines. Takes a while to adjust because it sounded so new, but learn to appreciate these girls, because they’re taking things to the top of the charts! The audience got a preview of an unreleased track as a gift, and their hit song ‘Reason’ was very satisfying.

If anyone decided to take an afternoon break, the food stalls sold some mouth-watering food. With a choice of Mexican, healthy grills and wood fire pizza, one serve was enough for long-lasting energy. Like all things in Sydney, all of them were overpriced. But hey, we’re all used to it now. The Jack Daniel’s line at the alcohol tents got pretty long as the day went on.

At the Wake Your Mind stage, tyDi’s set began with some uplifting trance of much liveliness, before he moved on to the more emotional tracks such as ‘Walk on Water’, and ‘Concrete Angel’ by Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli. The crowd went wild. It didn’t take long for tyDi to love Sydney so much, that he decided to jump off stage to shake everyone’s hand. The man did play at ASOT, so the craziness from the fans was all expected, and tyDi did not disappoint!

Over at the Warrior’s Dance Arena, the big blue tent was packed. The amount of people could fill the Sydney Olympic Park’s Charles Moses Stadium ground. Zeds Dead’s remixes were legendary, so when they ended with the smooth ‘Eyes On Fire’ remix, it was a wonderful shot that hit all the right targets. The stage opened up with a skull shooting red light flares when Boys Noize hit the stage with ‘What You Want’.

Back at the Wake Your Mind arena, Cosmic Gate provided a satisfying set throughout. The gorgeous Emma Hewitt made an appearance, and added a deep dimension to the trance tracks. No one could leave when the beats made every inch of the body and soul move. By that time of the night, it was too crowded for anyone to head from the Wake Your Mind stage to see Hardwell at the Future Music stage. However, Borgore was still playing at the Warrior’s Dance Arena. Steve Aoki stood beside Borgore to support him as he played, and who could resist the urge to sing along to the carefree ‘Decisions’?

Finally, the change-over time had arrived, which was when crowds were given the chance to figure out how they could move further towards the front for The Prodigy. The band from the UK had only come to Sydney once, so their appearance at Future Music Festival was their much anticipated second visit. As the lights began to shine bright at 8.45pm, the crowd went wild. These legends had masterfully blurred lines between electronic music and rock. They fused genres from Dubstep to Hardcore in their live band performance, which demonstrated variety and flexibility. They answered the fans’ requests to stay, and provided an extended performance. This extended set started with ‘Take Me To The Hospital’, and ended with their classic ‘Out Of Space’. Just like Maxim said: “Looks like Sydney is the place to be!” At around 10.22pm, the crowd reluctantly left, and hoped the band will return to Sydney soon.

Slowly, in an orderly fashion, the huge crowds from all stages made the long walk back through the tunnel and out the gates. As they walked, they chanted: “Hey, hey baby! Hoo! Hah! I wanna know if you’ll be my girl!” No one wanted this night to end, so this story won’t end here either. Look out for the second part!


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