Gina Star – Midnight

Published on Pumped Audio 25/2/2013:

Gina Star - Midnight

Gina Star is full of juice and glitter, like a cocktail with a cheeky name. Actually, cocktail lover or not, this DJ is so lovable, the crowd can never get sick of her! From the DJ name to the name of her songs from 2-3 years ago – ‘Star’, ‘This is Hollywood’, and ‘I Want It Now’, Gina’s drive to succeed shines bright. This wild Texan girl roped hearts with her first record, which galloped its way into the top ten of Beatport. Then, she took over Los Angeles, and the LA times just had to give praise to the Star! Be prepared for the ride of your life, because this gorgeous starlet has delivered a new, smashing release named ‘Midnight’!

This reminds me of how the night would sound like in a city. Smoky, dry, and cool ‘ah’s come in with a couple of beeps as a driver successfully reverse parks in place. Visualise how the party kicks off, and as it keeps on going, more and more people start to join the club. The vocalist doesn’t start off with a scream or shout. That low, husky voice just magnetically attracts any listener within its range, drawing them in. It can cast a net over the mind and soul. It pleads: “Can’t leave me now! Please!” Not that it needs to, but it works very well with the melody that loops. It’s guaranteed to keep the crowd wanting more. At two-thirds of the track, Gina’s knowledge of what the crowd wants just impresses to no end. A minor-key-melody pops in, brings the crowd back into the chorus, then takes them all into the night sky with an ascension.

The night ends, yet the ‘ah’s remain, ringing, as one drives away. Gina will never leave, and she will keep shining like the star she is. Grab this shiny track on Beatport now and hang on to it!


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