Empty Promises EP

Published on Pumped Audio 25/2/2013:

Reverse - Empty Promises

There are times in our lives where we meet people who break promises and never deliver them. But do promises get broken, forgotten, and lost? Or do the memories of the faith that we put in the people we trust, as well as the previous joys that we have experienced, continue to stay somewhere deep in the subconscious self? There’s a food for thought. But what prompts this state of reflection?

Critical State – Does the name of this label sound familiar to you? They’ve had tracks supported by Future Sound of Egypt, Markus Schulz Global DJ Broadcast, and Rongcast/Rong Manchester. It is also one of the many sub-labels of the newly-formed Komplex Sounds. More recently, a new track has danced its way to Trance fame. You may have heard this track from ASOT Episode 601: ‘Empty Promises’ by Reverse has proven to be a big hit, and this EP hasn’t even been released yet!

Reverse has appeared in compilation albums such as Dash Berlin Top 15, Markus Schulz Global DJ Broadcast Top 15 and Vandit Records Best of 2011. It’s no wonder that his Critical State debut has made such an explosive presence. The vocals in the beginning of ‘Empty Promises’ bubble their way in with the kicks, along with a very high pitched but subtle swirl. The vocals and choir-like background sound become amplified as the track progresses toward the build-up, which eventually fuses with the melody and the kick. What makes this track fascinating is, the vocals in the background are delicate, yet it plays such an essential part in creating the euphoric sensation.

Johan Ekman is the man behind the remix for ‘Empty Promises’ in this EP, and the remix is definitely reminiscent of his sharp style in ‘There and Back’ and ‘Vaste Regrette’. It has a tangy, twang twist to it. The sounds can make everyone itch. Getting up to dance to it, or even some sort of slight head bopping to it is definitely inevitable. The build-up is much more mystical and mysterious in nature, with echoes of wavy swish-like sounds that sends tingles down the spine.

Once again, Critical State has received top support for creating a distinct, unique track, which leaves deep traces in the mind. Where will this label be taken to? Where will the next Critical State mention be? One thing’s for sure, it’s rushing its way to the top. The ‘Empty Promises’ EP will never be forgotten, and it will be amongst many tracks that will bring the label to the stars –That, is a promise.


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