Kitsuné Parisien 3

Published on Pumped Audio 18/2/2013:

Kitsune Parisien 3

Have you ever heard of a foxy label which sells both music and clothing? You’d know which DJs to watch out for in a party, and you’d know exactly what to wear to get there – Best of both worlds, right? Right! Kitsuné Parisien 3 is a compilation from the Kitsuné label based in Paris. It’s packed with the cuties, the creamies, and the chillies. In other words, it can also be the guide to – L’Amour!

To give you a good impression, let’s start with the cuties’ category and begin with a sunset. There’s a little instrumental pop-up named ‘Color’ by G.A.Y, ideal for those carefree couples who are eloping from a reality full of hardship and rejection. If there’s hunger while eloping, chop-chop to a chop-sticky afternoon with some pork chop noodles, for you can never choke on the delicious ‘Donna’ by Dombrance. People will stop their evening chatter and stare, just to hear the build-up. The gradual introduction of different elements has an incredibly consistent momentum.  As the evening sun sets, the sky turns dark. The stars fade in with Boston Bun’s remix of ‘Give Mo Luv (feat. eLBee BaD). The bouncy, deep bass drip its way in, and those vocals make anyone feel playful. This is when someone offers to get a plate of dessert. Skip to ‘Phenomena’ by Synapeson on the way to the table of food, and imagine licking the cream off a beautiful pair of lips.

Speaking of cream, this is where the creamies come in! ‘Noise’ by TOYS is the perfect background music to a candle-lit feast of flirty conversations. The drumming and percussion is like the slow, passionate motion of running fingers through a lover’s hair. The rapid “Dun-dun” is the heartbeat of two engaging in a French kiss. Bongos in ‘Cosma’ by Le Crayon make it start off from a beach setting, before it drives its way into the city. This is where ‘UV’ by Cinema comes in to put romantic laser beams, and whispers in the language of love! ‘Air Francr’ by Joris Delacroix adds a little sparkle here and there. ‘Teion’ by BeatauCue peacefully ends with a hypnotising, deep bass, making way for the amazing guitars of ‘Kané’ by FAUVE. ‘Don’t Bother’ by Saint Michel sends the lovers into a whirlwind trance.

Hmm, that’s enough flirting! Dirty dancing makes things hot as crushed chillies! Be that impending doom that approaches with the intro of ‘Wolf’ by Pyramid. Imagine yourself as a disco dancer slash wolf slayer slash rocker, and that’ll bring your self-esteem all the way up for the night! ‘Arym’ by Monsieur Monsieur’s silent bass will lead dance partners into a tango, giving just enough time to grab a rose off a vase before the claps of intensity come in! Hear that echoing “Cha! Cha!” sound? That’s the heavy breathing of passion! Combined with the claps, it brings the track to a state of dangerous grandeur. It’s kind of like a James Bond in itself! ‘Transylvania’ by Superpoze is a reminder of how it may be essential to be hard to get. Like the cold ice shingles in a glass cup, the threatening appearance of a masked, cloaked figure emerges from the shadows. Mystery adds the spice!

Oh, je t’aime, Kitsuné! People can do so many things while listening to this album, but one thing’s for sure – it’s bound to make people shimmy! Kitsuné Parisien 3 (Deluxe Edition) is now available on Beatport. Deluxe edition, deluxe sound, deluxe romance! L’Amour!


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